If anything I have learned over the past few crazy years it is that my intuition & gut-feel is pretty spot on. I would add to that that my thought process is sensible & logical & that things that don’t make sense to me don’t make sense for a good reason.

I remember a time when I was desperately trying to find time in my husband’s schedule when he & I could spend time together reconnecting whilst still respecting his need to do activities outside of work.  He regularly liked to attend a gym session on a Sunday morning & I suggested that perhaps we could do breakfast by the beach after his session. 

He declined citing the fact that he might feel unwell eating breakfast after his session.  It seemed weird to me at the time, since he loved to eat – but it was plausible – so I went with it.  He took hours to come home after the gym.  I didn’t ask any questions – it wasn’t worth the response I had learned I would get back.

It would come to the fore some time later that he was spending time with someone else after his time at the gym.  His story didn’t make sense to me because it wasn’t true.

There were many times when I doubted myself or thought I was crazy – given the reasonable, plausible explanations that were given to me – I thought there was something wrong with me.

It has taken me years to get that confidence back in my thoughts & intuition & I didn’t do it by myself.  I had a massive team around me – my psychologist, my GP, my lawyers, my financial advisor, my life coach, some courses & a beautiful group of friends.

No.  There is nothing wrong with me.  There is nothing wrong with you.  You are not crazy.  You never were.

Surround yourself with whatever support you need – build a team.  

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I know how bloody hard it is but if I can do it, so can you.

It’s your story, how it ends is up to you.

Much love, 

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It’s your story, how it ends is up to you.

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