Simply put...because they are A-MAZING!!

They feel great, they are comfortable, they wick away sweat, the quality is second to none.. And just all round.. they are delicious.

Ok, well that’s all very well & good I hear you say, but why spend that much on a pair of pyjamas when you can buy a much cheaper & adequate pair from Target or even Peter Alexander?

Here’s the thing, I’ve spent years of my life putting myself at the bottom of the pile, scrimping on everyday luxuries because there was always something more important to spend money on.

When I separated from my husband I began focusing on the simple, everyday life pleasures.

I looked at my everyday activities, where I spent my time & started to think about how I could make the little things more special.

Sleep.  My bed.  Hours spent.  Everyday.  How could I make it more beautiful?

I was no longer sleeping with anyone, it mattered not what I wore to bed.

I wanted to wear something that made me feel comfortable, elegant & like I was truly valued, like I was worth it – I wanted to feel like my own princess.

So I bought them & I love them.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t love getting into these PJs after a warm shower.

I feel valued, loved, appreciated by me.  And you know what? That’s all that really matters.

The little things make all the difference.  

Where can you make your everyday more beautiful?  

Where can you change things up so that you feel more loved, valued & appreciated?

These are the things you have control over.

If you’re stuck in tapping into what you love, feeling valued and bringing joy into your everyday – helping women tap back into these things is my superpower.

Click on the Let’s Chat button and we can have a chat about creating an everyday life that you enjoy regardless of your circumstances.

It’s your story, how it ends is up to you.

Much love, 

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It’s your story, how it ends is up to you.

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