Rediscover, Redefine & Rebuild

If you know you’re ready to connect with your true-self again and start rebuilding your life on your terms for real, this is the program for you.

In the space of six months we’ll not only create a crystal clear plan of action to deal with the practicalities of your separation; we’ll have the time and space to identify the new, empowered you and take purposeful action to build the life you want.

During our time together, we can focus on creating a new lifestyle on your terms with practical and emotional support around things such as:

  • Your Health – both physical and mental
  • Moving House
  • Career Decisions & Development
  • Name Changes
  • Financial Success
  • Finding Love Again – (yes, really)

In this program you will:

  • Learn how to put yourself first & take care of yourself during this time
  • Rediscover who you are as an individual
  • Learn to stop feeling guilty about your choices
  • Learn how to peacefully & calmly deal with challenges that crop up
  • Develop confidence & clarity around making decisions about the practical aspects of dealing with your separation or divorce
  • Begin to see, design, believe in & lay the foundations for a beautiful & happy future as an independent woman
  • Build a framework for your future
  • Take action to create solid, tangible results that will set you up for a future that both supports you & that you love

The program includes:

  • 12 x 1 hr Personal 1:1 Sessions with me via Zoom every two weeks to work towards your goals, to expand your thinking and confidence and maintain momentum & a positive outlook completely customised to supporting you through the journey of your separation & ultimate rediscovery of self beyond divorce 
  • Private email, text or voice messaging support throughout the series so that you always feel like you’ve got someone you can reach out to, to ask any burning questions, for anywhere you get stuck outside of sessions & for celebrating your achievements! 
  • Rediscover, Redefine & Rebuild Questionnaire for you to start to delve into what’s really important to you, where you are at right now and where you would like to be in six month’s time.  An opportunity for you to begin to get clarity, connect with yourself and dream of happiness again 

"The investment of working with Alice is definitely worth it because you make changes which affect the rest of your life and that is priceless!"

D.H. Portland, USA

To book a complimentary consult with me (valued at $297AUD) or to enquire about a particular program please answer a few quick questions to help me understand you a little better & help me see if I am the right person to support & empower you in your journey.

It’s your story, how it ends is up to you.

Much love,

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