I believed in marriage.

I never thought I’d get divorced. I believed in marriage.

I believed there would be good times and bad.

That the bad times were there to work through together.

I used to think that divorce was for people who didn’t try.

I didn’t believe in divorce unless of course there was abuse – then quite frankly that’s a no-brainer (and I recognise it’s easier said than done).

Bitterness does not reside here.

I am still sad from time to time & I miss the guy I married but I am not bitter.  

I wish nothing bad for him at all.

When I ended my marriage I did it for me.

Sitting in my psychologist’s office one day, she reiterated for me the many things that had happened over time & then seemingly dumbfounded she asked me.

“So, what’s the deal breaker?”

You are not crazy. If it doesn't make sense or doesn't feel right - it probably isn't.

If anything I have learned over the past few crazy years it is that my intuition & gut-feel is pretty spot on.  I would add to that that my thought process is sensible & logical & that things that don’t make sense to me don’t make sense for a good reason.

I remember a time when I was desperately trying to find time in my husband’s schedule when he & I could spend time together reconnecting whilst still respecting his need to do activities outside of work.  He regularly liked to attend a gym session on a Sunday morning & I suggested that perhaps we could do breakfast by the beach after his session. 

He declined citing the fact that he might feel unwell eating breakfast after his session.  It seemed weird to me at the time, since he loved to eat – but it was plausible – so I went with it.  

Why I sleep in a $400 pair of mulberry silk pyjamas.

Simply put…because they are A-MAZING!!

They feel great, they are comfortable, they wick away sweat, the quality is second to none.. And just all round.. they are delicious.

Ok, well that’s all very well & good I hear you say, but why spend that much on a pair of pyjamas when you can buy a much cheaper & adequate pair from Target or even Peter Alexander?

Here’s the thing…

Let's talk about having sex with men other than my husband.

Months after being officially done with my marriage & having no interest in a relationship (I couldn’t think of anything worse), I found myself horny AF which, after some time of ignoring, became almost unbearable.

I complained to a few friends who informed me that there were ways to take care of my needs on my own (yeah, thanks friends) but… for someone who craves touch & cuddles, let me tell you… IT IS NOT THE SAME!!!

Here was the problem I had…

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