I am still sad from time to time & I miss the guy I married but I am not bitter. I wish nothing bad for him at all. When I ended my marriage I did it for me.

Sitting in my psychologist’s office one day, she reiterated for me the many things that had happened over time & then seemingly dumbfounded she asked me

“So, what’s the deal breaker?”

And I realised I didn’t have one.  I was going to continue to let things happen because I was married & I believed in marriage, divorce wasn’t an option.. and yet here I am.

Through much hard work I learned to value myself, as an important person.  

I started to realise that my needs, wants & indeed happiness were equally as important as my commitment to my marriage (something I took very seriously) & I had to choose.

I was my own guardian.  It was my job to look after myself.

I looked at the future of my marriage & could see nothing but misery & repeated disrespect.  Nothing I had tried or was doing was making any difference.  

Turns out, you can’t successfully run a marriage on your own, no matter how hard you try, so I ended it.  That’s the short of it.

I do not regret my decision.  I simply weighed up my options & walked away.  

I have preferred to put my energy into rebuilding myself, focussing on the positives & creating a beautiful future rather than dwelling on how & why my marriage ended.  It no longer matters.

‘Tis what it is. The decision was made.

Bitterness is wasted energy, helpful to no-one and straight up, it doesn’t feel nice.

I want a life filled with joy, surrounded by people I love, doing fun things, meaningful things and this is what I spend my energy on now.

This is the story I am writing for myself.

She lived happily ever after.

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